Charlottesville’s Nonprofit Bike Hub


Charlottesville Community Bikes is a nonprofit bicycle shop that operates through Virginia Organizing (VO) to promote environmentally-sound transportation, recycle bicycles, and make cycling accessible in Charlottesville, VA.

Tuesday 12pm-6pm
Wednesday 12pm-6pm
Thursday 12pm-6pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 11pm-5pm

Our efforts are currently centered around two main programs- refurbishing donated bikes and empowering people to work on their own bikes.

Adult Bikes (26”+ tires) that are donated to us get fixed-up and road-ready before being sent back out in the community for a set donation rate or for free through a voucher program we offer to our many local nonprofits partners, including The Haven, International Rescue Committee, and more. Every Saturday we give away our Kids’ Bikes (<26” wheels) for children age 13 and under.

We also offer access to hands-on guidance and most every tool you could need to work on your bike. We ask for a donation of $5/hr to use our equipment, but really we’re just excited to help keep people riding.

Community Bikes
is located at 405 Avon Street, which is just past the end of the Belmont Bridge going away from the mall.

Our hours are Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 6pm and Saturday 11-5.

You can also reach us via phone at 434-260-0893, email,, and Facebook or Instagram as linked below.